Apple’s September 12 event is nearly upon us and that is the reason we speak about everything we expect the company to announce during the keynote. We then delve into each of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8, including its price, specifications, and also a number of variants it will be available in.iPhone 8 and Everything Else We Expect From Apple's September 12 Event

Rishi and Gagan talk about their expectations for the iPhone 8. The first portion of this podcast begins with us wondering if the iPhone 8 will cost a good deal more than previous iPhones. It is here that we wonder why Apple can charge more if it chooses to do so. This leads us to some interesting theories and much more speculation around the freebies it might package, new features we can view, and hardware components which previous iPhones have not had.

Then we discuss the pricing plan of this iPhone 8 and if we can see Apple launching three iPhones instead of one. We even float wild theories concerning the accessories which may ship with all the iPhone 8. We discuss the importance of distinguishing the iPhone 8 in another iPhone and the way Apple will do it.

Finally, we discuss the non-iPhone goods Apple could declare on September 12. This list begins with the Apple TV which is the place Gagan unveils his lengthy list of expectations in the device. Then we discuss the Apple Watch Series 3 and also the way that it may be a game-changer for those wearables industry.


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