Mobile phones beneath Rs. 10,000 is the section that sees the most action as manufacturers launching a brand new budget handset every second day. In actuality, phones beneath Rs. 10,000 would be the quick movers and – understandably – sell the most in a price conscious market like India, even though it is the flagships which produce the biggest thing. However, with all these models available in the sub-Rs. 10,000 section, it will become difficult for the user to figure out which is the right model for these, especially considering how manufacturers rely upon beefy specifications to market their smartphones.

To simplify your buying decision, we’ve compiled a list of the very best mobile phones beneath Rs. 10,000 you can purchase today, with a couple new entrants in the list in contrast to our last roundup. As always, we have stuck to mobile phones underneath Rs. 10,000 that we have put through our detailed review procedure since we can not guarantee the quality of phones based on only their specifications. We have also avoided mobiles which are over a year old. Listed below are the top picks (in no particular order) that all fight it out to be the very best phone under Rs. 10,000, together with a couple different phones worth checking out. 10,000

Mobile underneath Rs.10,000

Replacing the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime, which has been one of the strongest picks through a lot of this past year, we finally have the Xiaomi Redmi 4, which is also a very good pick if your budget to get a mobile phone is below Rs. 10,000.

Our review rated the 3GB/ 32GB variant of their phone 8 on 10 which is truly great for a phone in this price point, along with the new phone has really great battery life and a sleek and streamlined design. The camera is disappointing, but it’s an issue that even the top phones beneath the Rs. 10,000 price has to live with.

2.Yu Yureka

Yu needed a bit of a slow year last year since it was not ready for the quick adoption of 4G, but it’s back today and also the Yu Yureka Black is a fairly good choice for a fantastic phone under Rs. 10,000. Its display is a little disappointing, however, it will nicely on other fronts, and is a fantastic value for money phone.

The Yu Yureka Black seems great and contains solid battery life and great overall performance, so if you’re looking for a fantastic all-rounder, this phone is a fairly good option in the sub-Rs.

10,000, with a performance that is still great enough, and superb battery life.

The display and camera can also be rated quite well, however, the baseline has shifted up a little since it established so even though it’s still a fantastic phone, it’s not head and shoulders over the others mentioned here, despite what the numbers might indicate. Additionally, it’s a good deal easier to get your hands over a number of the others on the list.

4. Moto G4

Available at only under Rs. But it has a fantastic display and adequate performance, and it’s also a great looking device.

Battery life along with Motorola’s UI are additional selling points, but the absence of a fingerprint detector has transferred from a minor inconvenience to some telling error within the weeks since its launching because of most phones beneath Rs. 10,000 have begun to bring this attribute.

5. Coolpad Notice 3S

The Coolpad Notice 3S also released close to the end of 2016, and it remains an excellent all-round pick to get a mobile phone underneath Rs. 10,000, due to its unique looks and a decent camera (in daylight conditions).

Relatively poor battery life and middling performance keep it in the top of the list, however, there is not so much of a difference either, so if you like the design along with the UI, then this phone might also be a fantastic phone for under Rs. 10,000.

These five phones will be our top picks fighting it out to be the very best phone under Rs. 10,000, but aside from these, there are a couple different phones which you may consider.

2 sub-Rs. 10,000 phones we have not reviewed yet, but liked during quick impressions would be the Lyf F1s, the Moto C Plus, which started in December, and might respectively. Both phones have great complete specifications, and the Moto C Plus in particular has very wonderful pricing.

10,000 – if you think we have missed a fantastic pick that others should know about, let us know via the comments.


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