Toyota has no plans to establish an electric vehicle in India and might wait for the charging infrastructure to develop before taking a telephone on launching these models, according to a senior official of Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM). TKM vice chairman and whole-time director, Shekar Viswanathan said that the firm does not have any plans to introduce electric vehicles in the indian market as of today and will consider it when the infrastructure for electric vehicles is in place in the country.

“Toyota (Motor Corporation) has an electric vehicle (in its portfolio and found in certain foreign markets) but we (TKM) will wait for the charging infrastructure to come up in India before we request Toyota Motor Corporation to give us (TKM) electric vehicle goods,” he said

Viswanathan said electric vehicle technologies is extremely simple and therefore, it’s not so difficult to introduce such models and agreed with the view which TKM can start EVs at short notice.

“We (TKM) already have an electric vehicle in the hybrid vehicle, which is an electric vehicle…except that if we remove the internal combustion engine, it will develop into an all-electric vehiclte,” he added.

On his expectation of TKM earnings in the present financial year, Viswanathan said, “I really do think it will go down slightly (in comparison to the previous fiscal) given the fact that GST prices have gone up.


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