The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said its enrolment software comes with necessary safeguards and checks to safeguard against any manipulation, as it discredited the claims in the report as “baseless and untrue”.UIDAI Says Stringent Processes in Place, Slams Aadhaar Enrolment Software Breach Reports

The statement comes after reports of alleged tampering of this Aadhaar enrolment applications and being offered in the black market, which allegedly bypasses operators’ biometric authentication and facilitates issuance of Aadhaar cards without any documents.

“Also, all such enrolment attempts get rejected and Aadhaar isn’t generated. According to date more than 50,000 operators have been blacklisted,” that the UIDAI added statement said. The UIDAI stated its system matches all of the biometric, that is all 10 fingerprints and both irides, of a resident enrolling for Aadhaar together with the biometrics of Aadhaar holders prior to issuing the 12 digit identifier.

“No operator can make or update Aadhaar unless the resident herself or himself gives her or his biometric. Any enrolment or upgrade request is processed just once biometric of resident is authenticated,” UIDAI said.

Detailing the rigorous processes followed by it, UIDAI said prior to processing of the enrolment or updation activity, the operator’s biometric and other parameters can also be assessed. Only once all tests are found to be successful, enrolment or updation petition of resident is further processed.

“A number of the tests include biometric test of operator, validity of operator, enrolment system, enrolment agency and registrar, which are verified at UIDAI’s backend system prior to further processing is done.


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